Liptov offers you many possibilities of how to spend your winter or summer holiday. Individuals or families, active people or “couch potatoes” there is something for everyone. In this section we would like to introduce to you some of the possibilities that our region offers. In the final count their are many more possibilities…
So come and see for yourself.


rodinne-plavanieThe Liptov region is well known for its thermal springs, on which the thermal centres, spas and aquaparks, such as Thermal park Bešeňova, Aquapark Tatralandia, Lúčky spa or the spa at Liptovský Ján have been built. These places are ideal for days full of entertainment and relaxation in summer and also in winter.
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Hiking and cycle tourism

turistikaRužomberok lies on the edge of the Veľka Fatra, Nízke Tatry and Chočské Vrchy. It is just a short hope to the Západné and Vysoké Tatry. The jewels of the Slovak countryside, Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys, Brankov waterfall, Veľký Choč, and so on you can enjoy every day.
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oravsky-zamokApart from the natural beauties Liptov is also rich in cultural monuments. The historical development of the region has left its impression on its contemporary look. Many cultural monuments have been accepted as world unique for example Vlkolínec which has been written into the UNESCO world heritage list.
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102The caves are unique natural creations and in Liptov three of them are accessible to the public. And each one of them is different.
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Ski Centres

LyžovačkaSlovak mountains offer many opportunities for spending a skiing trip. Our position is unique in that during your winter holiday you can try the all the significant Slovak winter centres without any problems.
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Other activities

jazda-na-koniIn Liptov in winter or in summer every visitor will find something for them.
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