Demänovská ice cave

102The Demänovská ice cave represents the northern part of world famous Demänovská caves. It is interesting because of its permanent ice interior, bizarre and majestic shapes of the underground spaces, precious cave fauna and also its rich history.
It is located on the right side of the Demänovska valley on the northern side of the Nízke Tatry. It lies in the natural nature reservation of the Demänovska valley in the area of the Nízke Tatry National park. The entrance to the cave is in the cliff Bašta at an altitude of 840 m, around 90 m higher than the valley floor and it is just two kilometres north of the Demänovska cave of freedom. Ice has been constantly filling the cave for the last 500 years and in combination with karst decoration produces a unique and interesting sightseeing tour.

Demänovska cave of freedom

072The national natural monument Demänovska cave on the north side of the Nízke Tatry is the longest cave complex in Slovakia. Its well known parts include the Demänovska cave of freedom which for many years has impressed the visitors with its rich rock filling of various colours, the mystical underground Demänovska stream and its fabulous lakes. It is the most visited and accessible cave in Slovakia. The Demänovska cave of freedom is located on the northern side of the Nízke Tatry in the Demänovska valley between Liptovský Mikulaš and the well known Jasná ski centre. It is unique because of it unbelievable colourfulness and shapes of rock decoration. Also unique are the karst lichen and other lake form karst filling.

Važec cave

vazecka-jaskyˆnaVažec cave is one of the most famous caves in northern Slovakia. Although it belongs to the shortest accessible caves, it is well known because of its rich stalactite decoration, interesting relics of cave bears as well as valuable cave fauna.