rybar22In the surroundings of Ružomberok there are several fishing areas under the administration of the city of Ružomberok. One of them, VN Hrabovo is right in front of Hrabovo apartments resort. The water surface has an area of 1.8 ha and at its deepest it is 7-10 m. The reservoir is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Hrabovo valley near to the base cable car station leading to Malino Brdo. In the reservoir there are river trout, rainbow trout, perch, chub, carp and burbot. Here is the first degree of nature protection.


Horse Riding

jazda-na-koniA very popular and relaxing sport suitable for the whole family. In Liptov there is beautiful scenery and from the saddle you will enjoy it even more…..Horse club Mustang offers you: riding in the riding hall,courses for beginners, children and advanced,rides and outings in the Veľká Fatra…



All terrain scooters

kolobezky22Try the summer adrenalin attraction at Skipark Ružomberok, just 50 metres from the Hrabovo apartments. There are prepared trails of various difficulties with lengths of 3 to 5.5km and an elevation change of 423m.



Summer mountain bobsleigh track

bobová dráha.jpgIt is located about 25km from the apartments in the village of Pavčina Lehota near Liptovský Mikuláš. 16 turns, 6 terrain jumps and ramps are waiting for you. You ride on a special vehicle made out of aluminium and a plastic casting with four wheels, 3 individual brakes. The downhill ride is freefall following the special aluminium rails, the average gradient is 23% and the maximum speed is 45km/h.



MotokáraThe Liptov go-kart centre, Liptovský Mikulaš. The go-kart hall KART CENTRUM LIPTOV is found in the suburb of Palúdzka, 2km from the centre of Liptovský Mikulaš. You can refresh yourself in the billiard bar with pleasant service, seating (maximum 120 people), gaming room and the possibility of video projection.


lukostrelba-ruzomberokIn medieval times till the 16th Century, European archery was very famous. English bows were long and their origin is thought to be from the Normans and Vikings, who through precise bow shooting under the leadership of their commander William the conqueror won many battles.
Robin Hood the legendary medieval archer was adored even by his enemies. According to the legend before his death he shot his last arrow out of his window with a wish to be buried where the arrow fell.Nowadays archery is a sport that many people are interested in. For relaxation it is a sport that everybody can take part in…



Rafting LiptovWe recommend that everybody who likes summer water to take a look at the world from the surface of our beautiful rivers. Water is an element that you can conquer with the help of our boat. Rafting on the Vah and Orava rivers is a pleasant enrichment to your holiday. It is suitable for families with children, who are surely in for a surprise.
Although there aren’t many rivers in Slovakia suitable for rafting, there is still one exception and it is right here in Liptov. The mountain current of the River Belá is a challenge for the most demanding and experienced rafters. In spring when the snow in the Tatras is melting you can hear the roar of the white water under Kriván even from far away…



Paint ballPaintball is a sport in which players eliminate their opponents by shooting balls filled with paint which burst on impact. Normally these special gelatine balls are shot from paintball guns, which are powered by CO2 or compressed air. The game takes place indoors or outdoors and has many forms, from which the most popular are woodsball, X-ball, speedball and scenario. Paintball requires certain equipment such as a gun, magazine, paintballs, face and eye mask.Playing paintball usually involves two teams fighting against each other whose members try to knock out all their enemies from the game or to reach some other goal for example to capture the flag or knock out the selected player or others…How long the game lasts demands on the type of game chosen.



paraglidingIn Slovakia there are 17 areas where Para gliders can take off. These jump sites are approved by the amateur flying association of the Slovak Republic. Two of them are in the nearby surroundings however alongside these areas there exists a huge amount of unofficial areas. Tandem jumps are provided at Chopok and at Donovaly, and courses at Páncova 5km from Ružomberok.