Skipark Ružomberok

Lanovka50 m
The ski centre of Skipark Ružomberok is located on the hills on the Veľká Fatra above the city of Ružomberok at an altitude of 545m to 1209m. It is about 2 km from the centre of town. The centre is divided into two locations Hrabovo and Malino Brdo, which are connected by ski runs and mountain transport equipment. Together they make one large ski complex with a total length of ski runs of 12 km, which is one of the largest in Slovakia. The entrance to the centre is Hrabovo, from where the newly built 8 seater cable car begins. The total transport capacity of the centre is 8500 people per hour.In the summer season visitors can use all terrain scooters.


Kubínska hoľa

revuce210 km

The ski centre of Kubínska hoľa is located in the region of Orava / Oravská Magura.The total length of Ski runs is 13.9 km. The lower part is ideal for beginners and less demanding skiers. The upper trails are suitable for advanced skiers.


Park Snow Donovaly

Donovaly130 km

The ski centre of Park Snow Donovaly is also located to the south of Ružomberok in the direction of Banská Bystrica. Park Snow Donovaly is among the biggest ski centres in Slovakia. The ski centre Park Snow Donovaly contains 14 ski lifts and 2 cable cars with a total transport capacity of 14,100 people per hour. Parents with children have the possibility to use the children’s lifts and also the ski school which is found at the centre. Night skiing is also offered with 1.2km of illuminated ski runs. At the Park Snow Donovaly there is also something for fans of cross country skiing, where within the centre can be found 25 km prepared trails for lovers of this sport.


Jasná Nízke Tatry

img35 km

The ski centre of Jasná Nízke Tatry belongs to the top level of tourist centres with international fame and among Slovak ski centres it deserves its number 1 spot. It is located in the beautiful mountain scenery of the northern and southern slopes of Chopok in the Nízke Tatry National Park.
The ski centre of Jasná Nízke Tatry is the biggest centre with the best natural conditions for downhill skiing in Slovakia. The total transport capacity of the centre is 21,735 people per hour and the total length of ski runs is 34 km.

It is also a great place for fans of snowboarding, alpine skiing, free ride and cross country skiing. The centre offers many different forms of sport and fun attractions for example, skifox, snowscoot, snowbike, kitewing, paragliding, climbing park, paintball or night sledging and all with quality additional services such as ski and snowboard school, kindergarten, ski rental, service, ski storage and sport shops.The length of the winter season is approximately from the start of December to the end of April.