The apartment style of living is becoming more and more popular and especially sought after by families with children because of the flexibility of eating. If you do not mind the dates of the joint breakfasts, dinners in hotels or guest houses, staying in apartments Hrabovo will allow you to decide freely and when to eat. You can try different kinds of dishes or specialties of national cuisine. If you decide to cook something separately, the fully equipped kitchens in each apartment are at your disposal.


hrabovo41Each apartment at our resort is equipped with a full-featured and modern kitchen including a hob. There is also a fridge, kettle, microwave, plates, pots, glasses, cutlery, … A private breakfast or home-made specialty cooked in the comfort of the apartment is also a family holiday experience.

Restaurant Fatrapark

Fatra Park restauráciaThe newly opened restaurant just 50 meters from our apartments offers half board catering for 13 Euros or breakfast for 5 € and dinner for 8 €. In addition, you can enjoy “a la Carte”. The pleasant ambience and the modern restaurant in the immediate vicinity is the ideal type to eat.

Hotel Hrabovo

Hotel HrabovoIn addition to the possibility of individual food preparation in the apartment, you can order regular meals in the restaurant of Hotel Hrabovo, which is only 50 meters from our resort. Our guests can order half board or breakfast only. In addition to the menu, a daily menu is also available …

Pizza Camino

CaminoIf you would like to taste typical Italian delicacies, we invite you to the “Pizza Camino” restaurant in Ružomberok, just 800 m from the Apartmány Hrabovo Resort. They offer typical Italian cuisine, salads, legumes, various types of pizza, and so on.


KrajinkaIf you want to taste something typical of Liptov, visit the popular “Krajinka” chalet just 2 km from our resort. You will experience the amazing Liptov atmosphere where sheep will graze right in front of you. Or you can buy original dairy products made directly on the farm, fresh sheep’s cheese, sheep cheese, chips, threads, cheesecloth, butter …

Koliba u pastiera

KolibaOnly 1 km from the apartments Hrabovo in the nature of the virgin nature of Čutkovská dolina is the original wooden “Koliba u pastiera”. They offer typical Slovak cuisine.Halušky with brydza, bunches with cabbage, sheep cheese pies and other goodies will surely taste here. Directly behind the hut is a breeding pond with trout that will catch you here and like to prepare for different ways.

u Taliana

Pizza u TalianaIf you are looking for genuine Italian cuisine, be sure to visit the pizzeria near Taliana where your food will be prepared by your Italian owner Andrea .. With its original ingredients, taste its amazing tyramis or authentic Italian wines ..
– city center – 2 km