Water Parks

Thermal Park Bešeňová

Thermal park Bešeňová is the ideal place to regain lost energy and vitality. Through the whole year you can discover, in the arms of the outstanding Liptov landscape, the strong unique thermal water, which has positive effects on the human body. It has beneficial affects on the movement and respiratory systems, urological problems, it also has positive cosmetic effects and thanks to the element lithium positive affects on the psyche. The park is situated in the Liptov region, in the spa village of Bešeňová 12 km from the Hrabovo Apartments. It is easily accessible from all main roads. It offers all year round relaxation in the beautiful surroundings of the Chočské Vrchy and Veľka Fatra. New for summer 2008 are 5 outdoor pools made from stainless steel with clear heated water, new child attractions and a new summer entrance. Thermal Bark Bešeňová offers during the summer season unique and perfect relaxation not only in the outdoor pools with geothermal water, but also in the outdoor pools with clear heated water.

Aquapark Tatralandia

Aquapark Tatralandia awaits you in the arms of the Nízke and Západne Tatras only 2 km from Liptovský Mikuláš and is easily accessible from all major roads. The thermal water of Tatralandia contains water from the paleogenic sea, which was in the Liptov hollow basin 40 million years ago. It has a positive influence on the movement and breathing systems.Tatralandia offers you 11 swimming pools for relaxation and swimming with various water attractions. In the relaxation pools there is a medium level of water mineralisation and you will feel like in a hot bath.

Spa Lúčky

Lúčky spa lies in the mountainous south facing valley under the slopes of Choč, on the edge of Orava and Liptov, at 621m above sea level. It is found 14 km to the north east of Ružomberok.Spa therapies at Lúčky belong among the most effective therapy methods. Since 2005 the spa therapies have been extended to include therapy for diseases of moving systems. The crucial element in the spa complex therapies is the thermal mineral water, which comes out of the ground from the spa spring Valentín at 32°C. It is used in the pools in its natural form and after artificial heating in all the separate spas. The mineral thermal waters in the Lúčky spas are classified as natural, with healing effects, weakly mineralised, sulphur-hydrogen carbonated, calcium-magnesium, carbonated water, hypotonic and lukewarm.At the spa in 2008 a new complex of outdoor and indoor pools was opened and a vital world, which besides the spa’s guests also serves the wider public.

Resort Liptovský Ján

The village of Liptovský Ján lies in the mountains of the Nízke Tatry in the Jánska valley. On the travertine heights is an area of thermal and mineral springs which is considered to be the largest source of mineral water in Slovakia. This village was in the 19th century already a very popular spa destination.In 1963 the Rudolf spring was drilled to a depth in of 95m with a temperature of 29.4°C. It has a high concentration of sulphur which gives it very positive healing effects for skin problems, movement system diseases, metabolism, female problems, nervous system and also diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The water from the spring is also drinkable. Its water and water from nearby drill holes is used to fill the swimming pools of the thermal resort SOREA and the indoor pool of hotel SOREA Máj.

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